• What is this website for?

    Good question! I have no idea! haha.. This website helps you manage the classic Secret Santa game. According to the tradition, someone makes a list of participants, then a drawing is held and each participant has to give a present to someone else. It's called “Secret Santa” because you don't know who is going to give you a gift. This website is here to make the game very easy and simple, notifying each participant via Facebook or email.

  • Do all the participants need a Facebook account?

    Of course not! Who needs Facebook? Right? haha... Everyone can do what they want with only your email, but maybe it is a little easier to use Facebook. I personally do not like it!

  • I want to advertise here, or make a trade alliance, who do I contact?

    Ay, good to hear friend: Send us an email at [email protected]

  • OH NOOOO!!!! I already did drawing, but some of my friends did not receive the email!! What do I do!!!??

    First, calm down. The email can take a while. If a good amount of time has passed, and they have not received anything, then you can try to send every invitation again, if you want another address. Enter the drawing list page (by clicking the green button), and enter the drawing by clicking on the 'Enter' button. Then put 'send again' under every participant that has not received your invitation. Once your click the button, you will be able to choose which email to send the invitation. If you have already tried to send it more than once, it is better to try another email address. (maybe yours?)

  • What should I do if I have a question that is not listed here?

    Write us at [email protected] and ask your question. We will respond in less than 48hrs. Please do note that if the question is answered here we won't answer :(

  • What if the number of participants is odd? Will one of them be left with no present?

    Of course not! Think as if they were in a circle where they hold hands. It doesn't matter how many there are, all will have only one person to the right. Does that make sense?

  • Once the drawing is done, given that I am the organizer... Would I be able to know who gives to who?

    Nope... although there are intricate ways to find out, we don't tell you who gives to who because that's the whole point of the game!

  • Can I add participants after I already ran the draw?

    The only way to do this would be to cancel the drawing and create a new one. It is sad, we know.

  • If I deleted a drawing, can I go back and enable it?

    No, you'll have to create another one. There are things in this life that are not reversible, little one...

  • If I add people to a group (in the restrictions) so they don't give presents to each other... Will they know I did that?

    No they won't ! Muhuhuhahahahaha!!! (hey...don't use it for cheating!)

  • Where do I add the amount and date of the gift?

    Really? You don't see it? Just under where you see who is your Secret Santa!

  • What do I do if I want to include my doddering grandma, but she doesn't have an email?

    Tell the doddering grandma that it is time to modernize!! If she gets angry, you can add her with someone else's email. That person will receive one email, but will be able to choose whether to disguise Granny and cheat the system to tell her who should granny give to.

  • But what is this! Another person was assigned to the same person as me! The system failed! The system faiiiiiiled!!

    Be calm friend. Hundreds of thousands of people have used this system, it is impossible that this has happened... it can only happen when someone has entered with the account of someone else... or maybe someone was confused. The email that you receive is personal, the attached link includes who is the friend. If someone re-sends the email that he received, it can cause a confusion.

  • I made a drawing a few minutes ago and the emails have not come! What is happening with the service?!! I'm going to sue you!

    We have an army of lawyers so don't even try :) Patience.. If it takes more than 3 hours and none have received anything, let us know at [email protected]. If some emails don't arrive, then try resending them on the administration page of the drawing.

  • Is it possible that in this drawing someone is repeated (receives two presents)?

    If you don't add them twice, it is impossible.

  • It really can't happen that someone is repeated?

    Really! It is impossible.

  • Can participants make a list of gifts for their friend?

    Everyone can write what they want to receive, but reading is a paid feature.

  • I wrote my letter but the pixie tells me that he will not deliver the letter unless I pay. Is it true?

    Yes, but if you pay, you and your secret santa will be able to read the letters written to both of you!